Welcome to my homepage. My name is Derek Cameron, and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This site is hosted on Github.


My educational articles aim to help those new to setting up virtual servers. They are hosted in the cloud as a Web App on Microsoft Azure.

Basic Set Up of PuTTYgen, PuTTY, and VPS for Windows Users

Ten Basic Tasks to Set Up a VPS

Send and Receive Mail from Your VPS

The Easy Way to Build a VPN

Strongswan on Debian 8 for iOS 9 Client

OpenVPN and Stunnel on Ubuntu 15.10 for Windows Client

Shadowsocks on Ubuntu 15.10 for Windows Client

Strongswan on Ubuntu 16.04 for iOS 9 Client

OCserv on Ubuntu 16.04 for iOS 9 AnyConnect Client

V2Ray for Windows Client and Debian Server

Upgrade Consumer Wi-Fi to Enterprise Wi-Fi

Install FreeRADIUS and DaloRADIUS

Witness to the Fullness of Light

Nisargadatta’s Guru


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