Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Derek Cameron, and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Technical Writing

Basic Set Up of PuTTYgen, PuTTY, and VPS for Windows Users

Ten Basic Tasks to Set Up a VPS

Send and Receive Mail from Your VPS

The Easy Way to Build a VPN

StrongSwan on Debian 8 for iOS 9 Client

OpenVPN and Stunnel on Ubuntu 15.10 for Windows Client

Shadowsocks on Ubuntu 15.10 for Windows Client

Strongswan on Ubuntu 16.04 for iOS 9 Client

OCserv on Ubuntu 16.04 for iOS 9 AnyConnect Client

V2Ray for Windows Client and Debian Server

Upgrade Consumer Wi-Fi to Enterprise Wi-Fi

Install FreeRADIUS and DaloRADIUS

StrongSwan for iOS 10, Android 4.4, and Windows 10 Clients

StrongSwan with FreeRADIUS Authentication and Accounting

Example of IPsec IKEv2 mobileconfig file

Non-Technical Writing

Witness to the Fullness of Light

Nisargadatta’s Guru

Christian Meditation in British Columbia


Vernon Web Services