Welcome to my portfolio
My name is Derek Cameron, and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Technical Writing

Non-Technical Writing

I wrote this material for Christian meditators. It tells the story of a journey across British Columbia, from the Pacific to the Rockies. Christian meditation is woven into the journey. You can read all the chapters online, and you can also download the complete text as a PDF. Kindle users can get a mobi version from Smashwords, and iPad users can get an iBooks version from iTunes. If you’d like a hard copy, you can either download the PDF and print it, or you can buy a printed copy from Amazon.

Copyediting & Typesetting

I provide both copyediting and typesetting services.

Freedom! Escaping the Prison of the Mind. I copyedited this autobiography and typeset the original print edition. Electronic edition now available from Amazon.

Messages from the Universe: Seeking the Secrets of Destiny. I copyedited this travel and spiritual book. Available from Amazon.